19 September 2008

The Boys Juli - Sept 2008

Some pics from this summer -
unfortunately I do not have any nice pictures from Akin's birthday this time - also no good pictures of Herbert's and Jasmin's visit.

Akin started drawing (and some writing) with much seriousness!

Short holiday in Prachuap

Short holiday in Prachuap

Akin und Ben in China

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22 March 2008

Johannes and Susanne visit, March 2008

Johannes and Susanne visited us. It was great to see how the kids connected to Johannes - they just found their new brother hero in him. Johannes was always good with small kids - a "natural".
On the program was playing lego, socker, talking, reading, eating, elephant camp...
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16 February 2008

Akin after his first Violin lesson

Akin had his first violin lesson -on his own demand.
Presently he is much fascinated to pack and unpack his beautiful instrument. Let's hope he will stay with it!
I don't know how much he realize yet on how long the way will be until this will turn into music - and he loves music so much!
Joy decided to take lessons as well - and I will need better headphones - this instrument can not only make beautiful musik but can create loud sounds which feel like toothache!

Akin nach seiner ersten Violinstunde - auf seinen eigenen Wunsch.
Im Augenbick ist er vor allem fasziniert davon das Instrument ein- und auszupacken.
Hoffen wir, dass die Faszination anhält!
Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob er sich schon im Klaren ist wie lange es dauert bis das zu richtiger Musik führt - und er liebt Musik so sehr!
Joy hat sich entschlossen auch Stunden zu nehmen - und ich brauche neue Kopfhöhrer! Dieses Instrument kann nicht nur wundervolle Musik machen sondern auch Geräusche erzeugen die Zahnschmerzen in nichts nachstehen! see more

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27 January 2008

January 2008

26 January 2008