16 December 2012

Ich steh an deiner krippe hier

Akin plays this beautiful Christmas song of the German baroque era (music by J.S. Bach and words by Pretorius) at his school Christmas celebration. He is accompanied by his friend Tobias on piano.

22 October 2012

Akin's Lord of the Rings medley recital

The medley containing his selection from soundtrack themes of  LORD OF THE RINGS : "In Dreams", "Concerning Hobbits", "Many Meetings" and "Rohan - King of the Golden Hall".
In "Concerning Hobbits" he missed one entry for just a moment and few notes in the high pitch - but otherwise he played PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL! very concentrated and with good expression for the spirit of the music. The sound of the recording doesn't do him full justice - sorry for that!

10 October 2012

At the Golden Triangle

Jochen and Da visited us for one week in Chiang Mai - went together to some places in the Golden triangle - here on the Mekong in Chiang Saen
more actual pics: https://picasaweb.google.com/rosenkranzjoerg/AugOct2012

08 August 2012

Akin's Birthday


Big birthday party
He is 9 now
Is this already half way to adulthood?

10 July 2012

retake Ain't She Sweet

Sweet Georgia Brown

08 March 2012

Akin plays Thai Song บุพเพสันนิวาส (Bupet Sannivat)

บุพเพสันนิวาส - A very romantic old Thai love song about a couple who are born far from each other but still destiny will bring them together. We couldn't find the violin notes for it - Akin just plays it just from hearing to a music video.

More pictures from January to March 2012


most of the pictures from arts class and cooking class at MEEDEE DEPOT - a new arts school for children in Chiang Mai - its great!

04 March 2012

Akin fiddling an Irish tune with daddy - Whiskey in the Jar

low video quality but the sound recording is ok

28 January 2012

16 January 2012

Children's Day

The Rosenkranz Family performing at Children's Day,
Sorry, you are lucky! - have no file with sound!
more pictures at our picasa