04 August 2013

Now it's ours! - pictures from preparation and clearing of our Koh Sukorn beach front estate

click on the photo to see first pictures from our Sukorn Island Beach front estate - we plan to build on this plot one 4 bedroom villa and one separate double bungalow within this year.

05 June 2013

April - July 2013 pictures folder on picasa (to be continued)

 Akin passed the ABRSM grade 2 violin exam - with best possible grade "distinction"

Summer "vacations" to Koh Sukorn Island (more for "work" this time!)

for more pictures from April - July click this thumbnail:

29 March 2013

Easter Holiday 2013

click the link (picture) to see some pictures of Akin and Ben on our trip to Bulon, Sukorn, Laoliang islands...in the South of Thailand

03 February 2013

our house from the other side of the river - dry season

...evening light - picture taken from the other side of the river - first time I went there and looked at our house and garden from that perspective. more pictures at our picasa site: https://picasaweb.google.com/rosenkranzjoerg/JanMarch2013