15 December 2011

Akin and his friend Tobias (piano) play Canon at the Christmas party of their school (CDSC)

Sorry, Tobias is invisible behind a "ball of light"

10 December 2011

Akin & Ben performed a play together with a group of deaf-mute kids - PUFF THE MAGIG DRAGON

Akin, Ben & their friends from MEDEE DEPOT arts school performed as backstage puppeteers with a group of deaf-mute children at Nimmanhaemin Arts Fair today. Akin played a king and a pirate and Ben played a prince and a pirate

now also on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLohq4iX0qg&feature=share

05 December 2011

Akin plays the old German pre-christmas song "Es kommt ein Schiff geladen" and "Pirates of the Carribian"

Zur Adventszeit: Akin spielt "Es kommt ein Schiff geladen"

recorded with my new Samsung Galaxy Note (not too bad quality for a cell-phone recording!)